Tweeknotes – 21st to 28th March

Looking through my tweets this week, here’s the stuff that’s interested me and some other half-thoughts.

  • First, some news from Australia about their DAB+ roll-out, which has celebrated 18months on-air. 400k radios have been sold and it’s now accounting for 5.6% of all Australian radio listening. It’s a great result. Here’s the full PDF.
  • Over in Switzerland they’ve just announced four new nationwide stations (though logo-wise they seem to have a bit of an 80s vibe).
  • Also on DAB, quite a large Asian manufacturer has brought out a tablet with DAB/DAB+/DMB inside.
  • An interesting interview with Simon Cowell from the Huffington Post, where he reveals that all the rumours that surface about the judges for the new series of X Factor come from his own company – as they leak them! Ceratinly Certainly a positive way to control the news flow.
  • Aaron Sorkin (he who created the West Wing, amongst others) has a brilliant cameo in the new episode of 30 Rock.
  • Today, I filled in the online Census, something I thought was a really easy process. Though I wonder if they could have made it even quicker by using Facebook Connect! Half joke. Matt Wells off of the Guardian flagged up their alternative Census questionnaire.
  • I don’t mind an episode of Glee, but I think even the students of William McKinley High would have had trouble devising a song and dance routine for the Newcastle Metro. The BBC hasn’t had the same trouble.
  • It was Budget day this week, here’s an article from the Twitter Media guys about what the BBC did to help them focus the conversation within the BBC brand. Simple, but very effective. How do you manage your social media messages?
  • A couple of my blogposts this week, one on Five Live’s new ‘recorded on the day’ TV trails and another on how to cut costs at BBC Local.

We’re on the countdown now to the release of Radioplayer. At Folder we’ve been finishing off some players and sorting out the data-flow to make it all work properly for our clients. We’ve also been taking station staff through the new player and the likely affect it will have on their stations. Best moment of the week was after a meeting when the staff started talking unprompted about metadata (we’d talked about the importance of the search function). They came up with a genius idea – re-branding the jocks so their names worked better as keywords!

One thought on “Tweeknotes – 21st to 28th March”

  1. Will love to read through the Australia briefing later not sure of that percentage, is that good or not? and they have done a much better job of spreading the love of digital radio than we have in the past..

    Social media wise, the BBC are really doing well with it, more and more.. and people are getting on bored with. Social media marketing doesnt cost alot.. (but you do have to spend money and invest in it, it cant be done by free.. and isnt something just anyone can do). It also happens to be my thing at the moment lol

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