Radioplayer Goes On-Air

The official launch of Radioplayer is tomorrow morning, but the initial round of stations went live earlier this afternoon. Over 150 stations from Global Radio, GMG, Absolute Radio and the BBC have launched new players with common functionality that lets you easily flick between stations and, for the first time, has enabled the UK-wide search of stations, programmes and on-demand content.

This is really only the start though, with lots more stations starting to roll out in the next week or so (including Fun Kids, of course!)

The key reason behind the launch of Radioplayer is to provide a better environment for UK listeners, so it’s been great to see their response already today. I’ve Storified them below…

4 thoughts on “Radioplayer Goes On-Air”

  1. Looks good – but needs some work on the post code checker, as it isn’t very accurate currently, and personally, would have included either time listened to or animation (flash \Live\ etc.) to indicate it is playing, as it is very static at the moment.

  2. Feels a little bit like Radioplayer is limited in scope. I’ve been using the TuneIn Radio app on the iPhone for a while now, and not only does it stream all UK radio streams (including a certain student station), it streams many stations from around the globe. True you can only search by station, rather than the 4 other criteria.

  3. A mobile integration is on the list (even though it’s fine on my Android phone), but Radioplayer v1 is to fix the web experience of UK radio. Also, the official experience will deliver images/interactivity that won’t be replicatable by other operators.

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