Tweeknotes 11th – 17th April

Some more links and things extracted from my tweets this week:

  • Alan Greenspun explains, in clear terms, America’s budget deficit
  • I thought it was slightly odd that Radio Aire, who must be facing unprecedented competition in their market, would choose to celebrate their 30th birthday with loads of early 90s pop stars like Chesney Hawkes and Right Said Fred.
  • I like Bob Shennan a lot, but his interview raised my shackles a little bit. Why benchmark against commercial radio and knock it? He runs a £50m radio station with no ads and completely national coverage and still feels the need to have a moan at Heart?
  • A nice picture from Dan Cocker showing a good snapshot from BBC Manchester.
  • Maria Williams, one of my co-committee members on the Sony’s has written a good post on how to (or not) win a Sony award.
  • I like how Bauer have re-structured their stations into two groups for agencies to buy. What’s good is that they’ve brought their digital stations into the mix – a great way to properly value those hours.

One thought on “Tweeknotes 11th – 17th April”

  1. Bob Shennan was responding to a question concerning the criticism of Radio 2 from the Radio Centre which, I have to say, is generally ridiculous nonsense more equated to whinnying than anything else. He makes some valid points, something the Radio Centre fails to do.

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