Bauer’s New Radioplayer Players

I wrote a little piece about Bauer’s pop-up players a little while ago. It wasn’t very positive. They’ve since addressed a few of my issues, but it’s still not great.

However, they’ve just put live the Radioplayer version of all their station players – and they’re really good! You may remember that Bauer are in the strange position of keeping their own players for their websites whilst having separate ones that live in Radioplayer. James has explained why this is a shame.

What’s now even more odd is the Radioplayer version is head and shoulders above of their stand-alone version.

If we have a look at Magic 105.4’s player, the good features are:

  1. The stream starts automatically (unlike their counterparts)
  2. A Well-designed ‘skin’ (ditto)
  3. A good, clear presenter picture and description (there is none on the others)
  4. Good commercial integration – these are always tough to do, but I think taking the MPU format and extending it to better integrate with the player, is a good look (and unlike it’s big brother – it actually opens in a new window). The Kiss one, also does this very well.
  5. The ‘now playing’ section changes within a few seconds of a new song being played. This also updates in the ‘playing’ drop down too.
  6. There’s a good sharing function to show you’re listening to Magic through Twitter and Facebook.
  7. The sharing function adds a #ukradioplayer hashtag
  8. When a song isn’t playing – ie during a link or ad break – it carousel’s some information about their station’s website – a great piece of  sensible functionality.

Overall – it’s a great implementation that’s great for listeners. So, come on Bauer – give the decent version of your players to your listeners! Don’t leave them with this!