Tweeknotes 30th May – 5th June

A return to tweeknotes – things i’ve tweeted about in the past week and other things that have popped into my head.

Lots of news recently about X and Xtra Factor judges and hosts chopping and changing. We had months of “who’ll be the X-Factor USA hosts and judges” and we’ve had the Cheryl sacking/re-appointment stuff too. It’s a narrative that’s intertwined with the UK series as well, with a direct knock-on to who’ll be judging UK hopefulls. Similarly there’s been a bit of to-ing and fro-ing over the Xtra Factor hosts with a seeming last minute swap of the very talented Matt Edmondson to the, er, singer, Olly Murs.

I think the genius of all of this publicity is it makes the audience care. Surprising changes, before launch, prompts press and more importantly the audience to have an opinion. Good or bad, it brings you into the show’s world – massively improving the chances of you tuning in, partly to see if you opinion was right.

What’s also amazing is how few other media properties (and probably with the exception of Scott Mills) – radio shows – use narrative to bring audiences closer.

Other things popping up this week: