Next Radio Conference

I’m a big fan of ideas.

I read about them, seek out things I can watch or listen to that have them in and, where I can, go to conferences where people reveal them.

Obviously I spend a lot of my time doing radio things and i’m always keen to hear what people have been up to in my sector. The difficulty is always finding events where people are prepared to share their ideas and where it’s cheap enough to go.

I’ve been talking to James Cridland about this. He’s been to loads of conferences – often because they get him to speak – and we’ve been comparing notes. We’ve chatted about events that have done something clever, have had great speakers, have been fun, have been drunken, have been rubbish, have been cheap, have been expensive and a million other things. We’ve been thinking about the Radio Festival, Music Radio, Radio at the Edge, the Academy’s monthly events, the Student Radio Conferences, RadioDays, the Radio Production Conference – all of them really.

We’ve been keen to find out if there’s a different way to do a radio conference. Can you make something inexpensive, fun and interesting? Can you create a radio conference that someone would take a day off work for and pay for themselves to go to?

So, we’re having a go.

It’s a radio conference about ideas. It’s called Next Radio. There’s just 120 tickets. It costs £99. You can get yours here.

We’ve been inspired by the TED Conferences and want to create something that’s driven by ideas and passion and is routed in radio. We’ve got sessions planned about talent, music, advertising, radioplayer, archives, social media and even memory. Today we’re announcing the first of our speakers, but we’ve got a few more to announce over the coming weeks.

There’s more information at the Next Radio website. I can’t wait to see you there.