An Award for Shows or Podcasts

An email from Suzie at the BT Digital Music Awards, reminding me about the Best Radio Show or Podcast category and that it’s nearly the closing date (15th July, now 19th July). It’s open to any music-related podcasts or radio shows created by a company with a UK presence and available via digital platforms to listeners in the UK in the past year.

One of the nice things about this award is that ranks radio shows and podcasts alongside each other, looking at content, expertise, creativity and effectiveness.

The details….

Entry requirements

The podcast or radio show must have been available to listeners at some point between 1st August 2010 and the present day. Entrants will be asked to supply a url where the show or podcast can be accessed or a digital recording of one or more of the shows or podcasts for the judges to sample along with the completed submission form. On receipt of an entry, the entrant will be emailed a submission form to complete in no more than 1000 words covering the points mentioned in the judging criteria below.

Judging criteria

What is your podcast or radio show about? How do you select your content?

Who is your podcast or radio show aimed at and how is it marketed to them? How do listeners access your podcast or show?

What makes your podcast or show unique and interesting? How do you use your content to attract listeners?

Evaluate how successful your show or podcast has been in achieving its original objectives. Give evidence such as size of or increase in listenership, listener interaction or good PR (please note that your submission will be judged for its relative success. Judges will be instructed to pay attention to percentage growth, rather than simple volume of listeners).

All the details are here on the BT Digital Music Awards website.