Next Radio Videos Go Online

In September, me and James ran a radio conference, Next Radio, which went down really well! It was a radio ideas conference and we had a fantastic selection of speakers talking about loads of different topics.

We’ve had lots of requests to put the sessions online, so i’m pleased to say that we’ve just put the vast majority of the videos live on the Next Radio website.

If you came to the conference you’ll be able to watch the videos for free (you should have received an email from us how to do that). If you didn’t come, then it’s £10 to buy a subscription to watch them.

We’ve thought a lot about whether to make them free or fee, so this is a bit of an experiment. If you want to see what they’re like – we’ve put one up on YouTube here. The people who paid for the conference (and the videos) were the delegates and our sponsors, so it seems right that the people who watch them contribute as well. However, agree or disagree, i’m very interested in your views in the comments below.

I think you will get something from each of the sessions, but three that cover very different areas, and are a great place to start are:

1. Brett Spencer’s session on local radio and social media.

2. Sam Bailey and Joe Harland’s take on visualisation.

3. Somethin’ Else’s Steve Ackerman talking about video games and audio.

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