Next Radio Review

In our spare time James and I created a radio ideas conference called Next Radio. There’s been two of them. The last one was last month. It was designed to fix all of the things we didn’t like about other radio conferences. It’s evolved into something that:

  1. Has its own personality
  2. Is relentless (this year there were 24 sessions in one day)
  3. Is quirky (we’ve had the first two at the Magic Circle)
  4. Is reasonable (it costs £99 to go)
  5. Not exactly an entrepreneur’s dream (of the £99 about £90 goes on our hard costs)
  6. Helps people who like radio and want it do well, learn about new ideas and thinking.

We work really hard to make it as inexpensive as possible. We want people to come who love radio and want to make it better. About a third of people who come pay for themselves with the balance mainly being paid by employers.

Some may see conferences as an unnecessary business expense, which I think, again, is disappointing. I’m just writing this after a Learning Lunch the BBC held for its radio staff. It’s a voluntary session where A&M staff can come along and hear a review of recent conferences there colleagues have spoken at. In the case it was Multi-Media Meets Radio in Turin, Next Radio and a European Digital Conference. It meant that the learning the few got, was shared with, maybe 40, other people. We know something else similar happens at Tindle and other radio groups too.

The BBC session was a great one, Sam Bailey and Brett Spencer recapped the things that really struck them as well as the things they thought it was important for BBC staff to know about. We helped them out with some slides from our brilliant presenters and are always happy to help other people do similar things too.

In the spirit of this sharing the knowledge, James and I have just put live, for free, all the videos from this year’s Next Radio. We urge you to watch them (they’re great!) and also share them with your colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and email too.

Hopefully you’ll be as inspired as we were and come along to the next Next Radio too. If you can’t wait till then, you’ve got a day left to register at the current prices for the excellent Radio Festival, as I think the prices increase tomorrow.