Being Real

I’m a big fan of being real with the listeners. They’re a bright bunch, I think sometimes making sleek products, removing imperfections (be that from calls, links or whatever) moves us away from being real.

Here’s a YouTube promo for McDonalds in Canada. In it, the Marketing Director answers a consumer’s question – Why do the burgers look different in store, than in an advert? It’s a question that you kind of know the answer to – trickery! In the video they’re very honest, opening up the curtain a little to show people in.

I don’t often see much of this honesty from radio. It’s easier when stations start – Absolute, for instance, having an open blog – One Golden Square – when they launched. I can see some of the same thinking in TeamRock’s tweets. I liked that over the weekend they explained why they were having streaming trouble:

Now, if they only stopped telling me, over and over again, how to tune in, I’d be happy. I know how to tune in – I chose to follow you remember!

One of the issues stations face, it that as they mature, they often have much more to lose, and it makes it difficult to keep the honesty up.

Perhaps we should all have honesty officers – people who tell the truth to our listeners. It would make us seem more real, and perhaps listeners would feel closer to us – and listen more!