RAJAR Facts – Q1/2013

People seemed to like the RAJAR facts last quarter – so here’s some more. Be sure to add your own in the comments!

  • 47.2m people listen to the radio each week – that’s 90.3% of the UK!
  • Each week 54.9% of radio listeners listen to some form of digital radio.
  • The vast majority of it is DAB Digital Radio – 232m hours – that’s more than Radio 2 and Five Live’s total hours combined.
  • And Radio 2’s big! It continues its desire to have everyone tuning in – it has record reach and hours. Again. 15.2m reach and 183m hours
  • Radio 2’s hours are more than those of all of Global’s radio stations put together.
  • Speaking of which, this quarter Global Radio have their lowest ever hours since acquiring GCap – 161,148.
  • Absolute though, are celebrating their highest ever hours across their network – 25.7m.
  • They’ve got record reach and hours for Absolute 80s – 984k/5.9m – making it the biggest commercial digital radio station.
  • However, Capital has a million listeners outside of its analogue areas – making perhaps it the biggest ‘digital’ station.
  • But in London, it’s Capital’s lowest ever total hours.
  • Jazz FM‘s celebrating it’s best ever hours – 3.2m
  • and XFM’s got its best hours since Q1/08 – 5.2m
  • There’s really three XFM’s now:
    • London – 573k/2.8m
    • Manchester – 206k/1.0m
    • Rest of the UK – 250k/1.5m
  • The commercial radio station with the biggest share in London is Magic with 5.6%, the BBCs? Radio 4 with over three times that – a whopping 17.6%.
  • Also over three times the size? Radio 2’s hours are 3 times as big as Heart.
  • The top local London stations for share are Magic (5.6%), LBC (4.6%), Capital (4.2%), Heart (4.2%), Kiss (3.9%), Absolute (2.6%), Gold (1.7%), XFM (1.3%), BBC London (1.3%), Smooth (1.1%), Choice (1.1%)
  • The top national stations in London, by share, Radio 4 (17.2%), Radio 2 (12.6%), Radio 1 (4.5%), Five Live (4%), Classic FM (3.9%), talkSPORT (2.6%), Radio 3 (2%), 6 Music (1.4%), 4 Extra (0.9%), Absolute 80s (0.7%).
  • 8.3% of listening in car is now ‘digital’. 35% of all new cars have DAB as standard.
  • The amount of listening on DTV and the Internet is the same – about 5% each of all listening
  • Mark Forrest’s new programme has 1.60m listeners – across the network the highest reach and share in a year. If you sneakily look at the unbalanced quarterly figures, it’s doing even better – boding well for next quarter.
  • AM/FM listening is at its lowest point ever – it’s share of listening is now only 60%.
  • In London, it’s even smaller. AM/FM has just a 54% share.
  • Five Live has its best reach in a year – even beating its Olympic quarter.
  • Doing some maths, I believe that (excluding longwave/BBC Local AM simulcasts) AM, as a platform, now has a reach of 24.4% and a share of just 10.7%
  • DAB has a reach of 32% and a share of 22.5%.
  • Year-on-year Nick Grimshaw‘s R1 Breakfast show has lost 1.3m listeners and quarter-on-quarter it’s dropped 907k.
  • For 15-24s, year-on-year he’s lost 274k of them and quarter-on-quarter’s 198k have disappeared.
  • It’s not all bad, honest. Looking at 15+, the average age of the show is at a two and a half year low of 33. When you look at 10+ it’s 31.8.
  • UKRD/TLRC’s combined UK market share is 0.7% and has, in total, less listeners than Absolute 80s.

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4 thoughts on “RAJAR Facts – Q1/2013”

  1. Fascinating Mark Forrest Show figures. Can you confirm these would have allowed for all the football commentaries and bad weather broadcasts?

  2. I actually find Mark Forrest quite listenable..however.. what I cannot accept is:

    4-7pm BBC local is doing what it does best, being local.
    7pm we then lose that and apart from an hourly news & travel update, it’s effectively network radio by a different name.

    Already some of the stations in my area (BBC West) put out travel flags for the :30 updates.. but then promptly report on anything from the M25 to the M6. I don’t care!

    If they can manage opt-outs for local trailers, and the RDS-TA flags.. I simply do not understand why they can’t manage a brief travel/weather opt-out either at :20 & :40, or just :30 – 2/3 times an hour.

    For as long as the status quo continues, there is effectively no local radio in England from 7-10pm once you are 5past the hour.

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