2014 Radio Predictions

Crystal Ball

It’s a terrible idea to make predictions.

I often flick through the rest of my blog and see how wrong I’ve been about lots of radio things. It’s really amazing that any of you bother to read what I write.

However, predictions are fun. They also probably give you more of an insight into how it looked like it was going to go and what you were thinking.

And sometimes it’s good to put your money where your mouth is.

Do leave your own predictions in the comments below too.


To meet the terms of the Competition Commission Global have announced they’ll make more  announcements about the stations sale in February.

  • The majority of these stations will be sold to one company
  • That it’ll be a new entrant
  • That they’ll keep as many stations that they can so they’ll own the majority of a UK-wide Heart network and and England-wide Capital network.
  • However, the vast majority of stations that will be acquired will choose to continue franchising Capital, Heart and Smooth from Global.
  • The franchise model will work quite well and they’ll sign similar deals with other radio stations by the end of the year


I think 2014 might be the year of Bauer with lots of changes and developments in the group.

  • They’ll keep Absolute as a brand, but all the spin offs will disappear
  • Magic will go nationwide on Digital One, but will have a big refresh
  • One of the Kiss branded stations will go on D1  as well. Kisstory would do well, but Kiss Fresh would put extra pressure on Capital.
  • We’ll see networked mid-mornings across the Place network (probably one for England, one for Scotland)


  • The sport business – talkSPORT/Sport Mag/Web etc – will be separated from the rest of UTV.
  • They’ll launch a digital-only station

Radio 1

  • They’ll be big changes to the breakfast show. Not necessarily a replacement of Nick Grimshaw but an alteration of the dynamics of the programme.
  • It’ll have a tough year with RAJAR as they try and get Breakfast right.

Other thoughts:

  • Digital 2 will be a very competitive bidding process and they’ll be at least three bidders.
  • 6Music will have a bigger reach than Radio 3
  • Radio 2 will add a female presenter to the daytime line-up
  • We’ll have a scandal at Radio 4. In between the pips.
  • Digital radio will continue to get a bad press but share will edge up to 44%.
  • 80% of new cars will have DAB as standard
  • There will continue to be no successful/business-like internet/mobile radio stations
  • Celador will acquire at least 10 new stations
  • The BBC’s Playlister won’t have captured users’ imagination
  • We’ll see a pop-up station from the BBC.
  • They’ll be some more tests of the new DAB mini-muxes

What are your predictions?

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  1. I think you are right about Radio 2, I think Steve wright off(but staying on love songs) and Sara Cox, Zoe Ball or Claudia w in

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