BBC Radio 2 Eurovision Pop-Up Station


On BBC Radio 2, Graham Norton has just announced BBC Radio 2 Eurovision, a four-day pop-up DAB Digital Radio station to celebrate the international music competition.

I think this is a great idea and something the BBC should do more of.

Why do I say that? Well, it makes use of existing technology as DAB multiplexes can be flexed to add (or remove) stations really easily. It’s also a technology that nearly half of UK households have, so lots of people can access it. It’s also a great way to sell a benefit of digital radio – choice. For those who don’t have a DAB Radio, they’ll also be able to tune in online and through mobile too.

It’s also (relatively) cheap to do. The BBC have lots of infrastructure for covering the main song contest, people out there etc, so it’s making better use of their resources – by producing even more content for licence fee payers.

And… it’s short-term. Four days is enough to provide value, but not too much that it’s providing even more licence-fee competition for us poor commercial broadcasters.

Hopefully it will also popularise the notion of pop-up stations – there’s been quite a few all ready and it’s something (with MuxCo) that we’re encouraging people to do too.

More radio, catering for people’s tastes and interests has got to be a good thing for our industry and our product.

It starts on Thursday 8th May.

One thought on “BBC Radio 2 Eurovision Pop-Up Station”

  1. I would love to see more pop up stations, its problematic as there isnt really a consistent pricing, setup or even openness across DAB.

    We have been interested in having a DAB simulcast of our FM RSL in the summer (8 days normally), and with an event with nearly 10k people on site, and several times that in the surrounding area / county that are interested we think it would be a great way to promote DAB.

    However the costs have been very off putting, even using pop up. Once quoted more than it costs to run our RSL just to have DAB (and thats before ofcom, PPL, PRS etc).

    However the next time we have an event in one of your areas, I am sure we will have a conversation.

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