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According to a couple of articles on Radio Today, it seems Steve Penk can’t seem to find anything on commercial radio to listen to.  He says “Who the hell wants to hear the same few songs played over and over again by some boring bastard with nothing more than a nice voice?” and “Yes there are a few, and I do mean very few shining lights dotted around commercial radio (Bam Bam, Robin Banks, Christian O’Connell, Geoff Lloyd) but there’s nowhere near enough.”

Therefore, off the top of my head, I’ve listed a few commercial radio presenters below for him to check out. As always, it’s personal opinion, but I quite like them.

Update: On Twitter, Steve’s re-affirmed it’s music radio, so I’ve altered the ordering:

Music-radio types:

Pete Donaldson, Frank Skinner, Howard Goodall, Alex James, Charlotte Green,  Jamie & Emma, JK & Lucy, Max, Tim Westwood, Jon Homes, Tim Cocker, John Kennedy, Rickie, Melvin and Charlie, Josh Widdicombe,  JD, Angie Greaves, Robin Galloway, Stephanie Hirst, Pete Price, James Barr, Steve & Karen, Adam Wilbourn, Sam & Amy and Boogie.

Speechy types:

Ian Wright, Alan Brazil, Colin Murray, Hawksby & Jacobs, Jonny Vaughan (though great at music radio too), Nick Ferrari, James O’Brien,

This isn’t exhaustive, it’s just my opinion from people I’ve heard, but I’m sure there are lots of others. Leave one in the comments if there’s someone you really like. #helpsteve

7 thoughts on “Suggestions For Steve Penk”

  1. That line-up should be enough to fill one, perhaps two commercial stations, not the entire radio industry. I agree with Steve

  2. Gary King, Paul Phear, Chris Skinner Paul Hollins, Carlos, Clive Warren ( Smooth Radio)
    Margherita Taylor, Matt Wilkinson,Toby Antis ( Heart)
    Steve Allen ( If up in time or podcast) Nick, James O, Julia, Nick Abbott ( Non Music LBC)
    Nick Snaith, Richard Allinson ( Magic 105.4)

    I know where Steve is coming from some are not allowed too shine through there personality on the radio. Although they have on previous networks they have worked for, and certain radio stations are just built to play music and a few links,

  3. Of the four presenters Steve Penk mentions, Bam Bam and Robin Banks both came to fame (and possibly acquired their on-air names) at Long Wave Radio Atlantic 252. And all four of them had shows on Virgin Radio (as did Penk himself).

    Stephanie Hirst doesn’t (so far as I can tell) have a show at the moment, so isn’t it unfair to expect Penk to follow your suggestion and check out her show? Is she the exception, or are there any others on your list without current shows?

    You and others have already mentioned most of the commercial radio DJs I listen to, the only addition being Aled Jones — though that may be less a positive vote for Aled and more avoiding Steve Wright on Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs with Steve Wright.

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