Discussion: What’s been your best podcast find of 2020?


Finding new podcasts can be difficult, but what’s your best find of 2020? Leave it in the discussion below (and don’t promo your own!)

Finding new podcasts can be difficult, but what’s your best find of 2020? Leave it in the discussion below (and don’t promo your own!)

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Thoughts on Audio in 2021

Turns out a global pandemic is likely to shake things up a bit. With much of the country locked in their homes many new behaviours have been learned and others accelerated.

Internet shopping, video calls, smart speakers, streaming services – all nothing new, but now something that’s become a bigger part of people’s lives. Disney+, alive for just nine months, has over a quarter of the subscribers of Netflix (3.5m vs 12.8m). With the groundwork done on streaming to the TV from Netflix, the BBC and Amazon, powerful new entrants can certainly make a splash without ten years of heavy lifting.

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Should Kiss Have Their Own Burger?

An intriguing tweet popped up a few days ago from popular YouTuber MrBeast. He’s a 22 year old guy with nearly 50 million YouTube subscribers, 8 million Twitter and 11 million Instagram followers.

Surprisingly it’s not a crazy, hilarious, YouTube practical joke. Especially surprising as most of his videos are indeed stunts. “I Gave People $1,000,000 But ONLY 1 Minute To Spend It!” and “I Uber’d People And Let Them Keep The Car” are his oeuvre.

Turns out he’s popped up 300 ‘restaurants’ selling a small selection of burgers based on him and his crew. That sounds pretty crazy, but he’s managed it. The ‘restaurants’ are really delivery locations – that people can access using UberEats and similar apps.

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The Power of Working Together

I was sad to hear that Siobhan Kenny is stepping down as Chief Executive of Radiocentre. In the UK, Radiocentre is the commercial radio trade body, working for the sector’s interests, managing relationships with Government (important for a regulated industry) and the BBC, as well as participating and leading cross-industry initiatives.

I can’t imagine it’s an easy job. Your board consists of the leaders of the two main commercial radio groups, Bauer and Global, who are fierce competitors, the boss of Communicorp UK, a representative of the smaller radio groups, as well as an independent chair.

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Spotify & Anchor Allow Podcasters to Add Music

News from Spotify’s podcast creation service Anchor, as they announce that you can now add full tracks from Spotify into your shows.

Podcasts have tended to be music-free zones because of licensing restrictions. When Spotify entered the space, many asked whether they would be able to fix this? And, well, er, they’ve, um, not really got there but they have created something new. Ish.

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Apple’s Embrace of Content & Channels

Apple’s rebirth, post the return of Steve Jobs, came from its simplicity. When he returned, he stripped down their line-up to four areas.

He was a big fan of simplicity:

That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

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Radio’s Leadership Shake-up

As we approach the end of the year, there’s a wave of people choosing to leave the radio industry.

At the BBC, many local radio Managing Editors have taken voluntary redundancy, the Director of Audio and Education, James Purnell is off and at Global, their Chief Strategy Officer, Will Harding is leaving too.

Many of these changes are aftershocks from the earthquake of change that’s happening to radio and the media sector.

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What’s your crutch?

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Donald Trump has been good for the news business. A crazy imperial leader, fawning courtiers and a strong resistance has meant a 24 hour-a-day reality show for news channels and publishers to cover. His desperation to lead the news, meant he generated it, all day every day.

In America, it’s meant that the news channels are riding high in ratings and revenue. CNN, MSNBC and Fox News have done well by following one story – a soap opera where you can tune to the channel to get your point of view reflected. Indeed, Fox News is doing so well that it’s Primetime line-up of propagandists are getting better ratings than the evening line-up on broadcast entertainment channels ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

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Supporting Talent for Success

We talk a lot about the power of brands and product consistency to attract and maintain audiences, especially in today’s super-competitive world. However the ability of talent to lift an operation is something overlooked.

Watching the presidential election night, er, week, unfold we were pretty glued to CNN at our house. This is partly due to the other’s half’s contractual obligation, but also because they did a great job on-air.

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Creating Digital Radio

I was part of a fun Zoom call over the weekend. It was to celebrate 21 years of Digital One. They’re the people that run the first national digital radio multiplex – that’s the one that broadcasts Classic FM and Kisstory (amongst others) on DAB radio.

You might think it’s strange to have a party for a multiplex, or a number of transmitters, but really it was a party for the people who’ve been employed with (or near) it over the last two decades. There were about 25 of us on the call.

Like all these things, it was fun to see a lot of old faces and virtually catch-up, alongside occasional appearances of kids topping up wine, or dogs drifting into shot. But what was really nice, was to contemplate the effect that these people, most of whom you won’t know, had on the radio industry as it is today.

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