Exciting Side Project

Today we put live a new side project – The Music Machine.

It’s not my idea though. I’ve worked with Sammy Jacob (XFM and NME Radio founder) on a few projects over the last few years and recently he raised the idea of trying out a pay-radio service. Working with Chris Gould (at All in Media) and David Madelin we’ve created a subscription radio service for indie music fans.

It’s free for 30 days and works on your iPhone/iPod/iPad as well as on the web. It gives you three indie music radio streams, one of which – New & Upfront – is made up of tunes not serviced to radio or available on Spotify etc – it’s the stuff you’s normally find on music blogs.  Theres also an Indie Classics and a Best of Past and Present channel. After your free trial it’s £2.39 a month.

What interested me about the project is that it’s a subscription radio service.

In the radio industry we talk about new platforms, but so often it’s just a similar thing broadcast a different way. Will people pay (albeit a small amount) to listen to some new and curated indie music? Are three channels enough? Is it distinctive enough? Is it at the right price point? We don’t know yet. But thought it was definitely worth a try.

It’s also interesting because it’s mobile focused. Yes, there’s a website – but my hunch is that it’s really an on-the-move product. It adapts its bitrate from 3G and Wi-Fi and I think the killer feature is flicking between the stations. If there’s something that you don’t like, you’ll be able to see the tracks playing on the other two stations, and it’s super-fast flicking between them all.

I think it’s a simple, fun product and the app’s really easy to use. Have a play, tell me what you think. You can download the app, free for 30 days here. And you can have a look at the type of music played on the website here.