How Passionate Are Your Listeners, Users and Consumers?

If you’re an early Chris Moyles listener, you’ll know that they have an opening song every morning. One of their listeners has created an aninmation to match it and has put it on YouTube…

It’s a great example of an enthusiastic consumer deeply interacting with what an organisation does. It works as great marketing because it’s high quality and independent. A third-party endorsement of this type is surely the best around? It shows new listeners that someone cares about the product so much that they’ve produced something of their own to support it. The internet then fans the flames to promote it further – being searchable, embeddable and accessible it can be easily found by others.

The show itself also encourages third parties to make things. It mentioned this video on-air, it put it on the blog, in a post that encourages others to do the same. Also, probably more importantly it created some content that was easily remixable in the first place – the song itself.

If you’re keen to get more people to appreciate what you do, do you do enough to help them interact with your content and then highlight their work?