Your 2018 Podcast Picks

The internet seems overrun with podcast lists, but most are driven by our American chums. On Twitter I asked you for your picks of the year. It’s unscientific, and there was a bit of spamming, but out of over 200 different podcasts suggested, here are the ones that got a few more votes than the others.

Happy listening!

A Gay and a NonGay
James and Dan discuss gaps in each other’s gay/straight knowledge.

Adam Buxton Podcast
Buckles interviews interesting folk plus walks with Rosie.

Athletico Mince
Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson’s notionally football podcast.

Battle Rap Resume
Tom Kwei talks to the biggest names in Battle Rap.

Human-sounding journalists follow every twist and turn.

Ear Hustle
Prison stories, produced and told by people inside.

Fortunately with Fi and Jane
Day to day life and interviews outside on the BBC piazza.

Help I Sexted My Boss
Posh guy and Northerner help you navigate modern life.

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review
Film reviews and saying hello to people.

Live Lounge Uncovered
Behind the scenes as bands perform at Radio 1.

Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Podcast
Interviews in front of a live studio audience.

Rule of Three
Comedians analyse/fangirl great comedy series and films.

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White’s alternative look at cricket.

The Naked Podcast
Naked hosts interview naked guests.

The The One Show Show
The One Show forensically dissected. To death.

Top Flight Time Machine
Andy Dawson and Sam Delaney talk football and that.

Other suggestions with a few votes: 9yrspodcast, About Race, Adrift, All Killa No Filla, Beef And Dairy Network, Blood On The Tracks, Caliphate, Crudely Drawn Swords, Dan Snow’s History Hit, Friends With Friends, Griefcast, Guardian Football Weekly, Hamish and Andy, Intrigue: The Ratline, Joe Rogan Experience, Lineker and Baker, Love Island: The Morning After, Multi Story, No Such Thing As A Fish, Off Menu, Overrated Everything, Reply All, Sarcasm City, Secret Dinosaur Cult, Short Cuts, Slow Burn, Smersh Pod, Table Manners, That Peter Crouch Podcast, The Allusionist, The Bugle, The Cycling Podcast, The Empire Film Podcast, The Fun Kids Science Weekly, The Horne Section Podcast, The Rabbit Hole, The Two Shot Podcast, The Untold, Unfiltered with James O’Brien, Wooden Overcoats and You, Me and the Big C.