Creating Digital Radio

I was part of a fun Zoom call over the weekend. It was to celebrate 21 years of Digital One. They’re the people that run the first national digital radio multiplex – that’s the one that broadcasts Classic FM and Kisstory (amongst others) on DAB radio.

You might think it’s strange to have a party for a multiplex, or a number of transmitters, but really it was a party for the people who’ve been employed with (or near) it over the last two decades. There were about 25 of us on the call.

Like all these things, it was fun to see a lot of old faces and virtually catch-up, alongside occasional appearances of kids topping up wine, or dogs drifting into shot. But what was really nice, was to contemplate the effect that these people, most of whom you won’t know, had on the radio industry as it is today.

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