Succession spoilers, Elon Vs BBC & Global invests in Glasgow

Media news and analysis, this week coming to you from The London Podcast Studios. Host Matt Deegan is joined by Ann Charles (Radio TechCon) and Faraz Osman (Gold Wala Productions) to tackle the latest industry headlines.

We find out why Global is investing in their Glasgow studios, how the BBC are tackling the coronation across all platforms and why movies are making a comeback – discussing the new cinema-to-streaming symbiosis.

Also up for discussion, Succession’s big episode makes the Daily Mail’s front page, Musk’s BBC interview & NPR’s decision to leave the platform over Twitter’s media policies. AND in this week’s deep dive, the Media Bill made simple.

Samuel Oustayiannis, Associate at CMS Legal Services, shares his run-down of the 250+ page document and what parts matter most for the industry.

And finally, we cover audio news in the media quiz!

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