Farewell Buzzfeed News, Fox Settle, plus a Google TV launch

This week coming to you this week from The London Podcast Studios, host Matt is joined by Jane Ostler (VP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar) & Alex Hudson (Exec Editor Newsweek).

Our pundits share their reactions to the Buzzfeed News shut down; we unpack the Fox & Dominion settlement and why it matters. Plus, the first quarter numbers are out for UK streaming subscriptions, we take on Netflix’s ‘cancel backlash’ and why live streaming a show isn’t as simple as it sounds.

AND in this week’s deep dive, Shalini Govil-Pai (GM & VP of TV, Google) shares her view on the future of streaming and why Google TV’s offering a guide to 800 free channels.

And finally, we test out pundits on the latest telly news in the media quiz.

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